Water, Water Everywhere: Let’s Get ‘High(Hy)’-drated… – Nice Health Tip For U

Water, Water Everywhere: Let’s Get ‘High(Hy)’-drated…

We all know (or maybe we are) that guy walking around with a gallon jug full of H2O all day, every day.  Or that girl that has a different color water bottle every time you see her and it’s always full.  Just thinking about all that water might make you thirsty or leave you wondering… Continue Reading

It’s that time of year again!  The grills are coming out and the steaks, burgers, and brats are plentiful.  It’s enough to send any vegan off the deep end.  Unfortunately, as it seems with all good things, grilling comes with a serious health risk – cancer.  How can something as innocent as chowing on a… Continue Reading

“The food you eat either makes you more healthy or less healthy.  Those are your options.”  It’s a simple concept that for many is nearly impossible to grasp – how can something that you put in your mouth and chew have so much power?  How can the decision between a date with a ‘hunk’ of… Continue Reading

Standing in the grocery store holding a bottle of coconut aminos and wondering, “Is this paleo”?  Out to coffee with friends looking at the menu contemplating an iced Americano or a Green Tea Latte and thinking, “Which of these are Paleo?”  Green beans, V8, ketchup, almond flour, cashews, bologna…  Are they Paleo?  So many questions,… Continue Reading

There seems to have been a ‘bit’ of resistance to my recent post about the use of protein powders and liquid nutrition.  If you missed that whole show let me give you a quick recap.  Amy said: “Real food is always the best option and protein powders aren’t necessary.”  This kind of ‘crazy talk’ brought… Continue Reading

I really wanted to get this thing up for Earth Day but I was passed out in a cannabis induced haze. Well, actually, I took part in a Specialty Health presentation on insulin resistance and cancer. Gary Taubes, Dr.’s Peter Attia, Tara Dall and lil-ol me presented on the associations between cancer and insulin resistance.… Continue Reading

May is National Salad Month!  I know, I know – salad.  It’s boring and you’re sick of it, right?  It’s what dieters and rabbits eat and seriously, you want “Man” (or “Woman”) food.  Not so fast!  Who says salad has to be a bowl of spinach with a dry chicken breast thrown on top?  If… Continue Reading

This is a story about a guy I know – we’ll call him ‘Magnus’ (he’d like that).  He likes to lift heavy things and has been known to grunt and swear while lifting these heavy things.  When he opens his (massive) gym bag it’s like taking a trip to GNC (if GNC also sold chalk)… Continue Reading

I will be the first to admit that, while growing up, I thought they were one of the nastiest foods in existence (next to dumplings and this stuff mom called ‘steak and gravy’…).  This was back when,  in my world, the only way anyone ate the orange things  was mashed with brown sugar and butter… Continue Reading

I love reading science fiction. I know, shocker, right? The geek who loves sci-fi. My obsession with sci-fi goes back as long as I can remember and has been a source of enormous joy and has certainly stimulated my imagination and influenced my scientific tinkering. One of the earliest novels I remember reading was The… Continue Reading

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